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posted Oct 30, 2016, 9:20 PM by Sean Cummings   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 8:25 PM by Noble 1xCarter ]

Hello everyone!

Dear Friends, we apologize for the long silence. We have experienced serious problems with our hosting – (Minecraft Hosting). The first issue came with MySQL database and lasted for several months, all this time we were cut off from such plugins like HawkEye that protects you from griefers and other. Almost every day we asked them to look into this. In response we received only empty promises… Nothing has been repaired. From the outset, we have suspected low quality of hosting support, but 50% discount blinded us. Oh and about discount, that was a final point when CraftYourBox took away our lifetime discount, that we found in promo code. We asked them why, but we did not get any response… We hope that reasonable people differentiate business relations and world politics. And this event is a coincidence. But as practice shows, some are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of ambition:

PayPal: We’re sorry, PayPal doesn’t allow residents of United States to ship purchases to Russia.

Okey, if US don’t want our money, we will pay other country. Anyway, now we are fine! We got new hosting and we are ready to work.

Best Regards.

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