Staff may give any punishment deemed necessary, even if the player does not break a rule directly listed on this page. Punishment may vary depending on the severity of the situation. Rules are subject to change at any time. Rules apply to all players (including staff) and worlds unless stated otherwise. Being banned does not entitle you to a refund for donations. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules, and by playing on the server, you agree to these rules.

Rule 1: No hacking, cheating, glitching, duping, x-ray, etc.

Don’t exploit the use of any bugs you may find. Instead, please help the server by notifying a staff member. Do not use any mods that give you an unfair advantage for example: fly mods, invisible texture packs etc. They ruin the server and your personal game experience. Do not duplicate any items using hacks or bugs.

Rule 2: No griefing, stealing, raiding, etc.

Any griefing, which we define as destroying any blocks that doesn’t belong to you or you haven’t been given permission to, will result in either a ban or jail sentence depending on the severity. The use of TNT, flint and steel, lava/water buckets or obsidian blocks is logged on our server. Using any of these objects as griefing instruments will result in a ban.

It is not recommended that you build too close to other peoples houses, as you risk losing your builds. Recommended range is 8 or more chunks.

Rule 3: Do not kill other players in unfair ways.

PVP is allowed on Sanctum, and all lost items when being killed is not refundable. If you go into the player’s house and kill them, then it would go under the rules of raiding or griefing, depending on the scenario. Deliberately pouring lava onto people, lighting them on fire, placing gravel/sand to cause suffocation, or pushing them into some water while they are AFK will not be tolerated! Rules created by other Players are not official and will not result in any action by moderators or admins. On the other hand, if they break the server rules then the situation will be dealt with.

Rule 4: Spamming, writing in all caps, or abusing players is not allowed.

No one likes reading chat that is all in caps. Although your mastery of caps lock may be impressive to some, it will most likely result in you getting muted. Casual swearing is permitted but making racist and/or abusive comments or excessive swearing is not allowed. Any form of political/religious ranting or propaganda is not allowed.

Rule 5: Do not ask for anything illegitimate.

Do not ask moderators or administrators for any illegitimate items, ranks, etc. at any time. Moderators can be suspended for doing so and administrators have part of their soul disappear every time they give items.

Rule 6: Don't complain about petty things.

When a creeper blows up your swimming pool you don’t need to take up 10 lines of chat screaming your pain and suffering.

Rule 7: Other prohibited activities

The creation of mob traps is strictly prohibited.

The reason for this is that they produce a considerable amount of lag on the server. Any player that finds and reports an illicit mob trap to a staff member will receive a reward. Griefing on the server is not allowed, however, the destruction of mob traps is permitted. This will help to police the issue.

Dirt/cobblestone pillars.

You can quickly throw one down to scout the area, or to mark a location for a few minutes, but get rid of it as soon as you’re done.


If you want to get from one spot to another, take the time to build a nice bridge, nether railway, or dig out a hidden tunnel.

Do not leave the top part of a tree hanging in mid air.

If you’re too lazy to gather all the wood, take a flint and steel with you, but be careful! (If you currently aren’t allowed to use Flint and Steel, then get in the habit of lumberjacking).

Pixel Art.

Building pixel art in the survival worlds is unnecessary. Construction of pixel art in Sandbox is acceptable.

Messing with blocks, randomly placing blocks.

Let’s keep our world beautiful! No one likes to live in a world of full of waste, right?

Rule 8: Do not try to fool staff

Not only will it not work, but our staff members do their jobs with little to no reward, so please respect that.