Sanctum officially opened on December 15th, 2011 as an survival multiplayer server for the original iteration of Minecraft; the Java edition. It garnered a strong, loyal, and tightly-knit community within its player base that appreciated hard work, friendly competition, and working together to build towns and finish projects. Sanctum has been through highs and lows, quiet times and busy times, and multiple server eras but one thing has never changed: our determination to keep going.

sanctum noun
1: a sacred place
2: a place where one is free from intrusion

from Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Philosophies and Ethics

Safety and Security

Players shouldn't be afraid of griefers or trolls ruining their gameplay experience. Because of this, Sanctum has rules and utilities at our disposal to protect our players, detect and repair damages, and punish those that act with malicious intent.

History and Longevity

We want to keep your builds around for years, continue operating one of the oldest Minecraft servers indefinitely, preserve our lore and history, and make these things accessible to those who are curious. Build your own legacy and be a part of ours. 

Cooperative Gameplay

Minecraft is always better when we play together! That's the reason we create servers in the first place, right? We encourage everyone to meet new people, work together to survive, build massive new towns and buildings, share, trade, and collaborate with each other.

Open Source Technology

Sanctum runs on an open source distribution of the Linux operating system, and on open source server software. Most of the plugins we use are open source, with only a few exceptions. Open source software is transparent, ethical, and community-driven. We believe in supporting  open source developers and encourage others to as well.

Friendly Competition

While we always encourage playing together, players should also set community goals, challenge each other, and encourage others to always to their best. We believe this brings motivation to players and encourages them to be the one to do the next accomplishment.

Community and Inclusion

We want to build and hold on to a small but strong community and make friends that we will have for years to come. We welcome people of all kinds so long as they are welcoming to others - regardless of location, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, creed, etc. Community input on improving the server is appreciated and always taken seriously.

Challenge and Creativity

To keep Minecraft engaging and to encourage creative thinking, surviving together, developing unique playstyles, and allowing players to express their talent, Sanctum turns up the difficulty in special ways while avoiding making the game tedious or aggravating.

Free and also Free

That's both freedom, and free from costs. Other Minecraft servers and other games in general rely on predatory pay-to-win practices, but not us. All players should have access to the same experiences without ever having to pay, while having as little limits on their creative liberties as possible.

Credits and Special Thanks

Noble Owner (but doesn't like to be called that)

SpryLife Admin / Maintenance Staff

Kudo Graphic Designer

Twitter: @YuudaiKudo

You Friend and Supporter

Being able to share Sanctum and its history with our community is something I have come to love. Even when the server is going through a quiet time, it beings me happiness to see others join and have fun on the server. This part of my life is worth far more than the work and funding I put into it - and for that, I thank you. You are part of our legacy, and we hope that we may one day be part of yours.

Mixon87 Founder

Rypalev Founder

Staff (Current and Legacy)