Redstone Etiquette

Redstone is one of Minecraft's most powerful features...

... and with great features, comes great responsibility.

Sanctum encourages players to expand their technical knowledge and experiment with all the cool mechanics redstone has to offer. Redstone can be used to automate sorting systems, build farms, and make dynamic buildings. However, it can also cause great lag for players and the sever. Because of that, we've prepared this page as a resource to help mitigate potential issues with redstone. The primary way of doing this is reducing the amount of math the server has to do to process the game.


Hoppers and hopper lines that are used solely for transport (i.e. the top face does not need to pick up any items) can be optimized by placing empty composters on top. This will tell Minecraft to stop checking for fallen items on top of the hoppers multiple times every second, saving computational power.

Unoptimized Hopper Setup

Optimized Hopper Setup