How not to get banned

Rule Zero - Disclaimer

Staff may give any punishment deemed necessary, even if the player does not break a rule directly listed on this page. Punishment may vary depending on the severity and specifics of the situation. Rules are subject to change at any time. Rules apply to all players (including staff) and worlds unless stated otherwise. Being punished does not entitle you to a refund for donations. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules, and by playing on the server, you agree to these rules. If you are unsure of any rules, please ask a staff member for help.

Rule One - Hacking, cheating, or abusing exploits

Severity: High

The use of hacks or mods that produce an unfair advantage otherwise not available in the base game or through the server are not allowed. This especially includes fly mods, x-ray, invisible texture packs, auto-clicks, aimbots, etc. If you are aware of a bugs, such as item duping or vision clipping, please do not abuse it and instead help the server by reporting it to a staff member or to the official Minecraft bug tracker. Giving yourself an unfair advantage isn't fun and can ruin gameplay.

Rule Two - Griefing, raiding, thieving

Severity: High

We define griefing as destroying blocks that don't belong to you, or otherwise ruining another player's progress, with malicious intent and without permission. We are not an anarchy server and do not allow it. The use of TNT, water and lava buckets, fire, obsidian, etc. are all logged and can be traced back to those using them as griefing tools. Even if you put hours of effort in, all of your damage can be reverted in ten seconds with a single command. It is quite literally not worth your time and effort to grief.

Raiding and thieving include hostile takeover of one's property and stealing items from chests or other containers that you do not have permission to access. These are prohibited activities.

Building too close to another player may also be considered an act of griefing. Please build a reasonable distance away from others, especially if you are not in a town or other form of community with the other player (recommended: 8 chunks, or 128 blocks).

Rule Three - PvP

Severity: Medium

PvP (player vs player) combat is allowed on Sanctum, and items lost when killed will be treated like any other death. However, unfair forms of killing players will not be tolerated. Player houses are considered safe zones and killing them when they're inside would go under the rules of raiding in the previous rule depending on the scenario. Deliberately killing an AFK player in any form - such as lava, suffocation, gravity blocks, fire, or drowning - is not allowed. Spawn-killing is also not allowed.

Rule Four - Communications

Severity: Medium

Spamming, writing in all caps, and advertising are all annoying and will not be tolerated. Casual swearing is permitted but racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudice talk is not allowed. Harassing or abusing others will absolutely not be tolerated. Social/political arguments, gore, overly sexual content, or any form of propaganda are not to be shared on any Sanctum-related form of communication, on or off the server.

Rule Five - Illegitimatizing gameplay

Severity: Mild

To keep survival fair and gameplay balanced, you won't receive illegitimate items originating from creative mode or from commands by asking. You will also not simply receive promotions by asking.

Rule Seven - Other activities and common annoyances

Severity: Trivial

Mob Traps & Redstone

Neither of these are banned on the server, however we ask to use them responsibly so as to avoid lag on the server. Mob farms/traps/spawners should kill all mobs and leave no items laying on the ground (please use hoppers). Please include power switches for your redstone machines so that they can be easily turned off when not in use. Failure to do these things may result in the contraptions being disabled or removed. Also do not build machines with the intent of creating lag. 


We understand how useful they might be to escape mobs, survey the land, or mark a spot, but leaving giant random pillars laying around the world can be annoying. It's fine if you only plan to keep it there for a few minutes, but otherwise try to put a little work in to make a watch tower or some sort of landmark. If you see any, feel free to remove them.


They may be useful for getting from place to place, but having them hang around in the sky can ruin the beautiful Minecraft landscape. Instead, try building an underground rail system, bridges, nether railways, or hidden tunnels.

Hanging/partially chopped trees

You monster.

Randomly placing/breaking blocks

Please don't leave random blocks placed or broken in the middle of nowhere if you don't plan to build there. Keep the world looking pretty!

Rule Eight - Trying to fool staff

Not only will it not work, but we try to keep the server orderly with little to no reward, and even pay to keep it running. Please be respectful.

In summary... kind, respect the server, and enjoy the game! We want to build a community where everyone can feel safe and have fun. So help make it better for everyone else, too!