Sanctum has been open for nearly 10 years, making it one of the oldest, still-operating Minecraft servers. We've had many ups and downs along the way, and a lot of history we'd like to preserve. The Sanctum Archive project seeks to find relics left behind on the internet to help document the server's history. 

Garthos' Trailer Feb 4, 2012

Made originally because of a video contest on the server. In it, you can see some of the shops from Sanctum 1.0, the earliest version of the server with a world from the before the 1.2 version of Minecraft.

Forums Snapshot Apr 6, 2012

While the forums were operational from the server's beginning, this is the earliest Internet Archive snapshot taken of the Sanctum Forums. Unfortunately, most of the images and pretty-looking stuff didn't survive. To the right, however, is an image of how it would've looked back then.
Click to view Internet Archive capture 

MMMontages Trailer May 21, 2012

A YouTuber, known then as MMMontages offered to make a couple of videos for the server. The first of which was a trailer. It showcases some builds from early Sanctum 2.0, which came with the Minecraft 1.2 update.

MMMontages Skit May 27, 2012

The second video from MMMontages was a skit showing common/stereotypical phrases for Minecrafters at the time. The video was recorded in Sanctum 2.0's spawn area and cities, featuring members of the staff (Mixon87, Apocalypse03, Noble1xCarter).